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Aerial Photography Information and Answers

What does an aerial photographer do?

An aerial photographer captures images from high in the sky using a camera attached to a drone. Aerial photographers can be hired to shoot everything from real estate to sporting events, but they may also shoot photos for personal use. Aerial photographers are also called drone photographers, but they’re not necessarily the same thing.

These photographers have to have a pilot’s license, depending on which state they are in, and learn how to fly a helicopter or plane. They also have to know how to use a camera and know mapping and terrain.

What is aerial photography and how does it work?

Aerial photography is just like regular photography, but the camera is placed on a plane, helicopter, or drone instead of on a tripod. It can be incredibly difficult to get the right shot from the sky because you can’t see what you’re taking a picture of.

There are two main types of aerial photography, which include commercial and private. The main difference between the two is that commercial aerial photography requires a licensing process and private aerial photography does not. Other than that, aerial photography is the same regardless of whether or not you are a professional photographer.

However, you likely came here to view some historic aerial imagery, not to view maps, right?

Part of what’s so great about aerial imagery is that it allows you to see the world as it was. You can see the way cities and towns were designed and built, and you can see the way people used to live. You can also see how nature has reclaimed the land, and how the world has changed over the years.