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Gimbal Information and Answers

Why is gimbal so expensive? There are a couple of reasons why these gimbals are so expensive, including the fact that they’re so popular that there aren’t enough good ones to meet the demand. The majority of the cost of a gimbal comes from the camera, which is generally the most expensive component of any camera system. Gimbals are expensive… Read More »Gimbal Information and Answers

DJI Matrice Information and Answers

What transmission system is used in the m200 series v2 drones? The m200 series v2 drones use the 2.4 GHz transmission which is the most common form of a transmission system in the drone industry. The drones use an FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) transmission system. The standard transmission system in the DJI Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, and Spark is… Read More »DJI Matrice Information and Answers

Aerial Photography Information and Answers

What does an aerial photographer do? An aerial photographer captures images from high in the sky using a camera attached to a drone. Aerial photographers can be hired to shoot everything from real estate to sporting events, but they may also shoot photos for personal use. Aerial photographers are also called drone photographers, but they’re not necessarily the same thing.… Read More »Aerial Photography Information and Answers